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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling Installer
We can install, build, move, add, change, replace or remove the existing cables.  We provide structured cabling installation services to meet your specific requirements. We can set up your cables and also provide racking and stacking service for your equipments. We install all kinds of cables including Cat 3 Cabling, Cat 5 Cabling, Cat 5e Cabling, Cat 6 Cabling, Audio/Video and Coax Cabling. Give Engenius a call for all Structured Cabling Needs.

We can remove your old network cables, install new racks, patch panel, and set up your networking equipment.  Our network cable installers will terminate each cable and label them properly. You will find our network cable installation nothing less than a work of art. Each network cable installation job gets its own project manager and account manager.   Want full team of netwok cable installers – call Engenius at 040-4202-2345.

Network Cabling Installer
Engenius specialize in installing cat 5, cat 6,cat 7 network cables. As your Network Cabling Installer we will test all your cables to make sure they meet your Voice and Data network cabling requirements. Engenius is recoginzed as one of the finest structured cabling companies. We will make sure to properly hang, test and label each one of your network cable. Engenius is your ideal choice if you are looking for quality and cost effective network cable installer.

We can run ethernet cables for all your voice, video and data network cabling installation needs. We can run cables from your server room to all offices and cubicals. We can help you segment the network into layers and provide you with complete structured cabling installation solution. We can install data cables in multiple buildings or multiple floors.

Demarc Cable Extension Services
Looking for a cable installer who can extend your T1 or T3 connection. Look no further, Fixtro is one of the best structured cabling companies that provide extension of demarc. We have some of the best network cable installers who can get your network cable extended today.

Want to use your OLD network cables ?

We can help you get the most out of your old cables.  You simply need to decide what it is that you want from old cable. For example, do you want gigabit Ethernet or will you be running VOIP. Once you decide on that, our technicians can run various tests to make sure your cables can serve their purpose.

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